Hello Ed Festers!

We want to clarify why Ed Fest had to be moved to the Ford Amphitheater in Vail this year:

Unfortunately, we lost the opportunity to hold Ed Fest at the soccer fields at WECMRD because we couldn't get licensed in time, and nobody wants a sober Ed Fest! With merely 3 weeks left until the event, we had no venue options in the town of Edwards. The only venue who was kind enough to grant us usage was the breathtaking Ford Amphitheater. With our hands tied, we were ecstatic to have this opportunity because otherwise we would have had to cancel Ed Fest altogether. This was a very last-minute chaotic situation that we rectified by changing the venue. We apologize to all of those in the Edwards area that are bummed about the location change. We are just as disappointed to be leaving our home turf in Edwards, but will undoubtedly be returning the festival to Edwards. Ed Fest is a celebration for all locals, beer lovers, and music goers in the Valley; the name "Ed Fest" will remain, as Edwards is the birthplace and origin of this incredible community wide event. This venue change was not made in the interests of upsetting the locals nor attracting more tourists, but so that we wouldn't have to cancel the festival that means so much to us and everyone else! After this explanation, we hope you understand that we were between a rock and a hard place and that you consider our reasons for the decision we had to make. Ed Fest 2016 will be just as awesome of a time at the Amphitheater and the acoustics of the venue will be perfect for the kickass show the bands will be putting on! As we all know, craft beer is excellent no matter where you are drinking it... and even more excellent with the astonishing views of the Gore Range behind the main stage! We hope to see everyone on August 20th!


The Crazy Mountain Family